You can’t check your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook feeds at the moment without seeing something about Ferguson, Missouri. That “something” is bad news, more violence, more police brutality, more arrests, more demonstrations, more shots fired, and more confrontations.

There are many things wrong with what has transpired after the shooting of Michael Brown 11 days ago. Take the local and state police for example (recently spiced up with the National Guard). 

The police in Ferguson have many issues, but one of the main one is that they seem unaware that they have three fronts. The streets, the internet and public opinion, and they are all entwined. At the moment they seem to be losing all three.
The internet is massively against them, because that is where people worldwide share their opinion (overwhelmingly negative) about what is happening in the streets of Ferguson.

Of course with the news being the news, there is always an element of distrust, are we being presented an actual portrayal of what is happening? The difference in this situation is the quantity of reporting coming from the heart of the conflict, combined with the immediate outlet these reporters have, more times than not, Twitter.

That combination has shown some reporters being treated in the same way as the private citizens they share the streets well…. and it has not been a PR fairy tale for the police. We’ve seen videos of cops threatening to shoot media people, shoving them on live TV, arresting them and in general harassing them wildly. We’ve also seen footage and countless images of cops in combat armour with the guns ready to fire, even in situation that are relatively peaceful.

And this is maybe the most worrying thing to take away from all of this. It seems like police officers are willing to pull the trigger much faster and for much “smaller” reasons. As if they are more interested in serving and protecting themselves ahead of the people they should actually serve and protect.

The stats back this up. In 2011 German police, country wide, only fired their weapons 85 times. Compared to the USA where that amount of bullets has been used in incidents in Harlem, Los Angeles and Miami.

Did anyone say aggressively trigger happy?


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“Being the best and representing We the Best, you have to go to the best, you have to work with the best,” he (DJ Khaled) explained in a telephone conversation with FORBES. “Bang & Olufsen is the best when it comes to doing what they do.”

Ok so let’s just set the scene first. First we have B&O, a company historically so conservative that when it loans out product to for example a Hollywood movie productions, it demands for the product to be returned. It allows the Danish royal court one item for free per year, but that’s it. So clearly not a gift shop. Recently it hasn’t been a money tree either with, with big profit losses. But what’s maybe worse is the loss of cultural capital. For years B&O was THE design sound system you wanted, just ask Kanye. But in recent years its designs have been less interesting for anyone under the age of 40.

On the other side you have DJ Khaled and HEADS Innovation. It’s hard to find a lot of information on the latter, but Khaled speaks (well shouts) for himself. The sultan of anything quote unquote “The Best” has been popping video bottles, sold beats + mixtapes and run havoc on several hitlist with his particular brand of anthem hip hop.

Marry the two and you get a mule. There are a few reasons for that. Firstly B&O are obviously trying to buy some much needed cultural capital for their “young” PLAY brand. A signature headphone is an easy pick, but is it the right one? Seeing that Beats own that marketplace is a spectacular way, it’s questionably. Not saying that there isn’t room for others (Hi Fiddy) but is doing the same as your competition really the right thing. We think not.

Secondly….DJ Khaled? I’m not sure i would buy shoe laces from Khaled, much less an expensive piece of electronics. Khaled’s profile couldn’t be more wrong for B&O, as he’s everything B&O are not. Now that obviously why he has been picked (or is in the right price bracket for them). But B&O are jumping too far from their core DNA. By doing that they are jumping into an area where no one knows them as a brand, so everyone will just see Khaled and not worry about this little Danish brand. And where is the brand value and cultural capital in that you might ask… well nowhere.

If you ask me, this is a fair deal for Khaled, and a poor deal for Bang & Olufsen. Because they will never get to a point where the top picture of Khaled in headphones, means as much as this picture of Khaled wearing headphones.


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FIFA have banned players from wearing Beats By Dre headphones inside the stadiums or to media events at the World Cup in Brazil. The ban is due to FIFA’s licensing deal with rivalling headphone producer and top tier sponsor Sony.

Sony has given all players a pair of headphones to use, but very few have probably even unpacked them as players like Neymar and Suarez are still seen wearing their Beats whenever possible. 

This is yet another example of FIFA trying to control every little aspect of their money making machine. The problem is that they can’t. I’d personally like to see them try to ban players from wearing Nike boots and shoes just because adidas are a top tier sponsor. They know they can’t do that because too many players have lucrative boot deals. If players were making the same money from Beats for wearing their product, FIFA would not have been able to uphold a ban.

At the end it’s money over money. 


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So things just don’t seem to be going Apple’s way at the moment. Sure they may just have bought some much needed cultural capital with the acquisition of Beats, but that is a testament of weakness not one of power.

The recent unveiling of the IOS 8 brought, the now expected, waves of love and hate. Remember when love for Apple reveals were almost unanimous, unless you were just another Android hater. It’s not like that anymore.

Another thing that’s no longer a certainty, is Apple’s uncanny sense for innovation, that includes the names they’re picking these days.

"On the firm’s blog, co-founder Alison Hardacre said that she had found out about the name clash when, at 04:30 "someone emailed me to ask whether Apple stomped all over your name or did we do a secret deal with them".

So either Apple decided not check out if was availble, or they did and decided to not care, coming to the conclusion they can somehow pay their way out of it. Well they probably didn’t expect the world shaking it’s head, and the Australian startup actually fighting back.

What now Apple? Because looking from here, you’re currently peeing in your pants in the cold.


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We could take all of this back to Rinus Michels, but that much of a history lesson this won’t be. Instead we will take our lead from Jose Mourinho. The Chosen One.

When it comes to managing a top football team, many factors play in besides the fact that you are dealing with people. You’re also dealing with egos, politics, other people’s opinions (not limited to the public one) and money… just to name a few. But the true stamp of a great manager is how well you get your team to perform, either for themselves, the club or for you. The really good ones do the latter, and that is just what Mourinho cracked a little over 10 years ago.

In the last week (plus change) we have seen two coaches that have picked up what Mourinho (re-) started. Herr Klopp and Señor Simeone. Both guys in their mid 40’s with potentially long managing careers ahead of them. The one thing that sets them apart from many managers of today is that they would take a bullet for their players. Often they are at least as emotionally involved in the games as their team is, without losing sight of the big picture. They invest a lot in building trust with their team, so when it comes to the business on the pitch they can often find that 5% extra commitment that’s needed to win game… the wanting it a little bit more than the other guys.

It’s a quality is priceless, and it’s a big learning for budding managers.


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Yesterday Google updated their terms of service and there may have been a part most people would not have read;

"Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored."GOOGLE TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS)

Yup - you read that right, your ‘private’ mails are not so private.

The war between these digital service providers to maintain a claim upon what you might believe belongs to you is ongoing.

Be aware!


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With the quick hiring of Stephen Colbert to manage the house Johnny built and Dave refurbished, it certainly seems like Les Moonves the Chairman and CEO of CBS was sitting on a plan. The question is if it is the right one.

The late night landscape has drastically changed over the last few years, first Jon Stewart changed the game, then Kimmel became a force and lately Fallon has swooped in, in a very impressive manor. All with recognizably styles. Stewart with an unapologetic comedic agenda. Kimmel as an updated Leno and Fallon as…well Fallon as himself. Basically YouTubing on network television.

With Colbert, CBS gets a guy that used to have a distinct voice and style as well, one he started crafting with The Daily Show (8 years) and perfected on the Colbert Report (9 years). But that persona will not be carried into late nights Late Show. Weather deemed simply unfit or too risqué is unknown, but it in effect leaves Colbert naked. Without the “well intentioned poorly informed fool” that has in the last 17 years served him very well, what will CBS in really get? No one really knows outside hopefully Colbert and Moonves.

This is either the chance CBS needs to take to not lose out the aforementioned trio, or it will it prove too big of a leap for Colbert.
Only time will tell.


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There is always a pecking order when it comes to jobs that have an important cultural cache.

If you ever wanted to be an F1 driver, to DJ, or party promoter, it may have been the social status of those roles that was attractive.

Right now - it’s bartending.

The 6 part web series follows bartenders who come from completely different backgrounds, levels of experience and cultural fame.

Released each week over the next 6 weeks - here is the teaser trailer.

It’s about time a project like this was made - if nothing else to show what the reality of being in the most sought after job right now for young people.


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Things change, times change and evolution represents a slower form of change.

Poor areas, neighbourhoods and sections of cities all over the world are experiencing a rebirth thanks to gentrification.

The negative definition isn’t pretty; “the restoration of run-down urban areas by the middle class (resulting in the displacement of low-income residents)” 

It is the speed at which places change that worries a lot of people.

This new photo series and book by Karla and James Murray portrays the changes that have happened to many beloved cultural hotspots in NYC.

You look at the pics and can’t help that it’s a shame.


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Yes it’s true, the Zoo in Copenhagen recently said goodbye to 4 lions in a fashion that once again had the world cast an animal fatwa on us Danes.

I won’t go into detail about how incredibly ignorant that is!

What i will do, is simply share the picture above, and pretty much let it speak for itself.


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This summer Pharrell Williams will release a collaboration with adidas.

Last year Kanye West signed a deal with adidas too.

The key differentiator? Pharrell will partner with adidas Originals - a subtle, but very necessary difference, especially if you are Mr West and his team!

Kanye’s imprint is with adidas proper - so to speak!

Let’s not forget that Pharrell’s has had a relationship with Reebok (and subsequently sued them), whch is owned by adidas.

Now the world waits with baited breath for this unofficial duel between these two talented musicians/trendsetters and the products they release.

What’s the saying? Steel on steel makes things sharper!


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The director has been found (read about Pablo Larrain here).

The lead character will be Mexican, not Cuban (see here).

The setting will be modern too (here).

Expect the rest of the rags to riches tale to be the same.
I’m still not the biggest fan of the Pacino version but there’s no doubting the cultural impact that endures.

In fact the DePalma/Pacino version is also a remake of a film by the same name from 1932! Mention that whenever people say it’s the original.

I’m not sure if a remake of a film could face any tougher cultural comparison  - let’s see.


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According to an article in TIME, Facebook have substancially dropped the number of “fans” you reach when posting on on your page.

"Over the last several months Facebook has been reducing the organic reach of Pages. A recent study found that companies’ posts dropped from reaching 12 percent of their followers in October to just six percent by February".

Let that number sit with you for a while. 6 percent.

That means if 10.000 people have like your page, only 600 of them will see an update, and you have no say in that, or which 600 it is. Now this is of course to get you to cough up for a wider reach, but how does it hold up against….. “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life”.

Not really that well. No wonder people are jumping ship.


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This isn’t going to be a good vs evil, cold war type scenario in the battle between Apple and Android - but there are some pretty interesting developments.

  1. The marketplace seems big enough for both of them.
  2. But Android is winning in the one category that matters - emerging markets
  3. Cheaper handsets are more likely to feature an Android OS rather than an Apple one
  4. Other competitive operating systems are so far behind the top 2 that they can’t get close for many years.

Ultimately, whilst both of these monsters have enough room to eat, they’ll play nice - someone is going to have to make a significant step to get more marketshare.

I think it’s going to have to b Apple.


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Ever since the Green Movement that arose in Iran after the fraudulent presidential elections in 2009, the power and influence of social media when it comes to political mobilization, is highly acknowledged.

Social media enabled millions of people to speak up and make themselves heard outside of the borders of their home countries, connecting them thereby to the world.

Well, the power of these technological developments when it comes to driving political movements and mobilizing people to act is undeniable and the latest shut down of Twitter in Turkey is just another example of how powerful they have become!

Shame on you Mr. Erdogan! You can try to shut up people but that will only make them stronger!


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