I’ve been extremely suspicious of the next Kanye project. Personally I don’t think everything is as it seems, but in a good way. 

He’s more of an artist then just a musician and therefore everything surrounding the music is part of the product he is selling. That’s why the current elusive, angry and controlling attitude from him I think is all a front, to create a character for the project. Further i think the name of the project and the projects artwork may not be official.

This theory we’ve spoken about on RTM Radio was further backed up by P-Money who tweeted Virgil Alboh (Ye’s Creative Director) saying:

if neither or tweeted that album cover then Im calling it fake until further notice”

To which Virgil replied:


Things aren’t as they seem, but that’s exciting. Kanye is making people question and importantly go outside (to see the New Slaves projection).

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